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Notice on Adjustments to Margins and Price Limits of ZCE Products during 2020 Middle-autumn Festival

To Members:


According to Article 9 of the Measures for the Administration of Risk Control of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) hereby adjusts margins and price limits of some futures as follows:


From the settlement on September 29, 2020, margins and price limits of PTA and Methanol futures will be adjusted to 10% and ±9% respectively. Margins and price limits of White Sugar, Cotton, Rapeseed Meal, Rapeseed Oil, Cotton Yarn, Apple, Glass and Soda Ash futures will be adjusted to 9% and ±8% respectively. Margins and price limits of Wheat PM, Wheat WH, Early Rice, Late Rice, Japonica Rice, Chinese Jujube, Thermal Coal, Ferroalloy, Silicon Manganese and Urea futures will be adjusted to 8% and ±7% respectively.


Trading will be resumed on October 9, 2020. From the settlement of the first trading day on which limit-locked market does not occur on the contract with the largest open interest of such product, margins and price limits of these futures will be restored to standards before the adjustments.


In case the above adjusted margins and price limits vary from the current ones, the higher one will prevail.


All members are required to strengthen capital and position risks management, and to remind clients to improve risk awareness.


Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

September 23, 2020      


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